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Pregnancy Verification

Pregnancy tests confirmed by a healthcare professional are the best way to verify a pregnancy. LaVie provides no cost laboratory-certified urine pregnancy testing.
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Ultrasounds performed by LaVie's registered nurses confirm the viability, location, and gestation of your pregnancy.
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Abortion Information

Abortion is a major decision. It's important to remember that abortion is a medical procedure. LaVie's healthcare professionals provide no-cost pre-abortion care to aid in your decision making.
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STD Testing

LaVie offers confidential Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) testing at no-cost or low-cost.
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Think You Might Be Pregnant?

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Most pregnancy tests you can buy are very reliable, but they are not 100% accurate. Pregnancy tests confirmed by a healthcare professional are the best way to verify a pregnancy. LaVie provides no-cost, laboratory-certified pregnancy tests and can also confirm your pregnancy with a limited medical ultrasound.

Ultrasounds are essential as you determine the next steps for your pregnancy. Having an ultrasound performed by a healthcare professional will confirm if your pregnancy is located within the uterus, determine if there is a fetal heartbeat, and measure gestational age (how many weeks you are pregnant). All ultrasounds at LaVie are performed by specially trained registered nurses and reviewed by a medical provider. 

Your care at LaVie will remain confidential in accordance with state laws. Because pregnancy and STDs can have such far-reaching consequences, we always recommend those under 18 talk with their parents about their medical needs. However, we understand in some cases that might feel impossible. Montana Sexual Health Reproductive laws allow us to treat your sexual health needs without parental consent. Because our services are no-cost, there will be no need to bill insurance in order to receive care.

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There are many facets to an abortion, and information empowers you to make your own choice.



Getting in touch with the right people so you feel confident in your adoption plan is crucial. 

No one’s adoption story is the same. We will discuss adoption with you and provide you with the resources referrals you’ll need to confident in your adoption plan. 



We’ll equip you with education and resources that can make all the difference in parenting.

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